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Mike and Carol Brady’s Homes from the Pilot Episode of “The Brady Bunch”

Dec 15th, 2010 | By | Category: TV Locations


Earlier this week while perusing through fellow stalker Chas’ website, ItsFilmedThere, I came across his Brady Bunch page which details numerous filming locations from the beloved 1970s series and, let me tell you, I almost fell off my chair!  Especially when I saw that he not only had listed the location of the house where Mike Brady (aka Robert Reed) lived in the pilot episode of the series, which was titled “The Honeymoon”, but also the address of the home where Mike and Carol (aka Florence Henderson) tied the knot in that very same episode!  How I had never noticed those locations on his site before is beyond me, especially since I am absolutely obsessed with the series!  I immediately texted Chas to find out how he managed to track the two locations down and as it turns out he had, in typical Chas fashion, contacted the show’s creator Sherwood Schwartz!  Chas always somehow manages to go straight to the source, so to speak, when seeking out locations.  I recently enlisted his help in finding Chez Quis restaurant where Ferris Bueller (aka Matthew Broderick) pretended to be Abe Froman in fave movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and what did Chas do?  You guessed it – he somehow managed to track down actor Jonathan Schmock who played the restaurant’s snooty maître d’ in the scene.  As it turns out, Chez Quis restaurant was actually the now-defunct L’Orangerie restaurant in West Hollywood, but that’s a whole other story for a whole other post that I promise to write very soon.  Anyway, Chas got a message delivered to Sherwood Schwartz asking him for information about the Brady houses and who should call him back but writer/producer Lloyd Schwartz – aka Sherwood’s son!  So incredibly cool!  So, once I had the addresses I immediately ran out to stalk both of the locations.  YAY!  Thank you, Chas!  Smile

ScreenShot6389 ScreenShot6390

The mid-century modern-style house pictured above is where architect Mike Brady lived with his three sons, Greg (aka Barry Williams), Peter (aka Christopher Knight), and Bobby (aka Mike Lookinland), in the “Honeymoon” episode of the series.  For whatever reason, when the second episode, titled “Dear Libby”, aired, Mike and the rest of the Brady clan were shown living in a different house – the Studio City abode that was featured on every episode of the series thereafter.

IMG_2840 IMG_2846

 IMG_2842 IMG_2843

Amazingly enough, the “Honeymoon” episode house still looks almost EXACTLY the same today as it did when the episode was filmed over 42 years ago!


Even the three plants on the front porch are still strikingly similar to how they appeared in the episode!  Love it, love it, love it!

ScreenShot6391 ScreenShot6392

ScreenShot6394 ScreenShot6396

Located just about three miles west of Mike’s house is the residence belonging to Carol Brady’s parents, which is the spot where Mike and Carol tied the knot in the pilot episode.

IMG_2852-1 IMG_2851-1

IMG_2848-1 IMG_2849-1

Sadly though, while the house still looks very much the same as it did onscreen, there is now a large wall which surrounds the property and substantially obstructs the view of it from the road.  UGH! 

ScreenShot6393 ScreenShot6398


Mike and Carol’s wedding took place in the home’s backyard, which is, of course, also not visible from the street.


But you can catch a glimpse of it in the above aerial view.

Big THANK YOU to fellow stalker Chas, from ItsFilmedThere, for finding these locations!  Smile

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  Smile

Stalk It: Mike Brady’s house from the pilot episode of The Brady Bunch is located at 12049 Iredell Street in Studio City.  Carol Brady’s parents’ house, where the Brady wedding took place, is located at 4101 Longridge Avenue in Sherman Oaks.



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  1. Shannon says:

    Here are some interior views of the Brady pilot house. Fancy!

  2. Chuck Kopsho says:

    Do they have public tours in the neighborhoods where these famous homes are? I’d love to see the second BB house up-close and personal.

  3. Ashley says:

    YES! Yet another thing we have in common because I’m a HUGE Bradymaniac! I went through a stage of full on obsession back in high school, haha. I recognized the pilot house instantly!

  4. Terri says:

    LOVE IT!!!! I just read through Chas’ Brady Bunch post on Monday and I never realized the houses were different either! =)

  5. Lavonna says:

    LOVE this show and the movies are too funny! I remember watching this show daily and loved when they started singing especially the “Silver Platters” lol. Jan was my fav, of course, since I’m a middle child and feel her pain…LOL

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