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The Piru Creek Bridge from “Burlesque”

Apr 27th, 2011 | By | Category: Movie Locations


Another location that the Grim Cheaper and I visited this past weekend while doing some stalking in the Heritage Valley was the Union Pacific Railroad Piru Creek Bridge which stood in for the supposed Iowa-area bridge that Ali (aka Christina Aguilera) walked across during the opening scene of Burlesque.  I once again found this locale thanks to Gary, from the Seeing Stars website, who added the bridge to his Burlesque filming locations page just a couple of weeks ago.  In an odd twist, though, when we showed up to stalk the structure we discovered that there were, in fact, two very similar-looking bridges located directly next to each other and I was unsure of which one exactly had appeared in the flickThe GC ended up taking photographs of both of them, though, and I am so incredibly grateful that he did because, as it turns out, they have each appeared on the silver screen in various productions!

Piru railroad bridges

The two Piru Creek bridges that we stalked are pictured above via an aerial view.  Because I, unfortunately, could not find much information about either of the structures online, for the purposes of clarity I will refer to the bridge denoted with the pink arrow above as the Burlesque Bridge and the bridge denoted with the blue arrow above as the Enough bridge (it had a very brief onscreen appearance in the 2002 flick Enough which starred Jennifer Lopez, but more on that later). 

Highway-126-Stalking-(12-of-248) Highway-126-Stalking-(13-of-248)

Highway-126-Stalking-(14-of-248) Highway-126-Stalking-(15-of-248)

The Burlesque bridge was first built in 1902 and measures 320 feet in length.  The steel, through-truss structure is a Ventura County historical landmark and formerly serviced the Union Pacific Railroad.

ScreenCap1575 ScreenCap1572

ScreenCap1573 ScreenCap1574

In the opening scene of Burlesque, Ali is shown very briefly walking across the bridge while on her way to the local bus depot to purchase a train ticket to Los Angeles.  You can see some photographs of Christina Aguilera filming the scene on the Zimbio website here.


Sadly, the Burlesque bridge is largely inaccessible to the public, which was highly disappointing as I was hoping to walk across it just like Ali had done in the movie. 


And while it has been reported that the Burlesque bridge was the site of the train crash in the 1994 rom-com I Love Trouble, as you can see in the above screen capture, that information is incorrect.  The train crash scene was actually filmed on the Sespe Creek Bridge, which you can see a photograph of here, in the neighboring town of Fillmore.

Highway-126-Stalking-(6-of-248) Highway-126-Stalking-(2-of-248)

Highway-126-Stalking-(8-of-248) Highway-126-Stalking-(5-of-248)

Just south of the Burlesque bridge, on the opposite side of Center Street, is the bridge which appeared in Enough.  As you can see in the above photographs, despite a difference in color and despite being wide enough for cars to drive on, it is strikingly similar in appearance to the Burlesque bridge.


And while I could find no historical information whatsoever about the structure online, I am happy to report that it is much more accessible than the Burlesque bridge.  While one cannot actually walk across it, it is easily viewable from Center Street.

ScreenCap1563 ScreenCap1567

ScreenCap1568 ScreenCap1569

In the 2002 thriller Enough, the high-speed car chase between Slim Hiller (aka Jennifer Lopez) and Robbie (aka Noah Wylie) ends at the bridge when Robbie crashes his SUV into a steel beam that has fallen across the span.


At the end of the scene, Slim is shown driving off of the bridge and west onto Center Street.

ScreenCap1588 ScreenCap1590 

ScreenCap1592 ScreenCap1593

Thanks to fave stalking book Hollywood Escapes: The Moviegoer’s Guide to Exploring Southern California’s Great Outdoors, I learned that the Enough bridge was also featured as the plane crash site in 1992’s Hero.  Considering how deathly afraid I am of flying, I CANNOT believe that I actually had to scan through the plane crash scene to make the above screen captures.  Shudder!

ScreenCap1594 ScreenCap1596

ScreenCap1597 ScreenCap1598

The Enough bridge was also featured during the opening scene of the 1974 movie The California Kid

ScreenCap1603 ScreenCap1601

ScreenCap1602 ScreenCap1599 

Thanks to the Confederate General Lee Fan Club website, I learned that the Enough bridge was also featured in two episodes of The Dukes of Hazzard.  It first appeared in the Season 1 episode of the show titled “Luke’s Love Story” during the Hazzard County Obstacle Derby scene.


 ScreenCap1608 ScreenCap1609

It later appeared at the very end of the Season 1 episode titled “Route 7-11” as the spot located just over the Hazzard county line where Luke Duke (aka Tom Wopat) and Cooter (aka Ben Jones) dropped off their friend Dewey Stovall (aka Paul Brinegar). 

Big THANK YOU to Gary, from the Seeing Stars website, for finding this location.

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  Smile

Piru Railroad Bridges 2

Stalk It: The Piru Creek Bridges, which are depicted in the above aerial view, are both located on Center Street in Piru, above Piru Creek, about 1,000 feet east of the Downtown area.  The Burlesque bridge is located on the northern side of Center Street, while the Enough bridge is located on the southern side.  And while the Enough bridge is easily visible from Center Street, you can catch the best glimpses of the Burlesque bridge from Piru Canyon Road about 1000 feet east of Orchard Street.



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  1. Jon Michaels says:

    “Shameless” S7E11
    The ‘Enough Bridge’ is used at night when Mickey and Ian are spending the night under it.
    The next scene at the EXT/Mexican Border is Center Street with the ‘Enough Bridge’ in the background.

  2. Jon Michaels says:

    “War of the Worlds”- 2005 – EXT/Night – Loc.’The Enough Bridge’
    A very brief scene. The refugees looking for lost ones walk from right to left across the bridge.
    Leaflets of missing loved ones are seen attached to the sides.
    The EXT/Diner scene- night, was set up in the dirt area with trees just west of the bridge on Center Street. The wide shot of the mob approaching the diner was shot here. The closeups of the pole falling was shot on a soundstage at Universal studios. The diner was a classic diner that was portable and built on a low flatbed trailer. It is a rented prop that was spotted at Universal Studios where it had just been used on an episode of “Desparate Housewives”.
    The diner trailer was set up and shot in Piru 1st and then on the stage later.

  3. Rafe says:

    One of the Piru bridges, the railroad bridge, is featured prominently and often in the 1947 film noir cult classic, “Desert Fury”. You can find many screen shots of it online by Googling.

  4. Tony says:

    That’s a great bridge! As random as it sounds, I saw that bridge in the Sly Stalone movie “Cobra” just last week. The last segment of that movie was filmed in Piru including downtown and this bridge. I’ll send you some screen grabs.

  5. Melissa says:

    Love Burlesque!!

  6. Lavonna says:

    I need to watch Burlesque.

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