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The “Larry Crowne” Apartment Building

Jan 6th, 2012 | By | Category: Movie Locations


Two additional Larry Crowne filming locations that I stalked this past weekend were Talia’s, the vintage clothing store owned by Talia Francesco (aka the adorable Gugu Mbatha-Raw), and the apartment building where Larry Crowne (aka Tom Hanks) lived at the very end of the flick, both of which are housed inside of the same corner edifice in Altadena.  I found this locale thanks to fellow stalker Mike, from MovieShotsLA, who, while doing some online research on the movie, came across an old listing on the Cazoodle Apartment website which not only announced that Tom Hanks’ Larry Crowne apartment was then available for rent, but also provided its exact location.  Yay!  So last Saturday afternoon, while doing some New Year’s Eve stalking, I dragged the Grim Cheaper right on out there to stalk the place.

ScreenShot2701 ScreenShot2702

ScreenShot2704 ScreenShot2703

The non-descript two-story building shows up several times in Larry Crowne – first in the scene in which Talia, while driving around on her scooter, notices a “For Rent” sign in a vacant storefront window and stops to take a closer look.

ScreenShot2709 ScreenShot2710

ScreenShot2711 ScreenShot2712

It next appears in the scene in which Larry stops by Talia’s new store to reprimand her for dropping out of East Valley Community College.  It is while there that he informs her that her new tattoo does not in fact spell out “courageous spirit” in Japanese as she had intended, but “soy sauce”.  LOL

ScreenShot2714 ScreenShot2716

ScreenShot2717 ScreenShot2718

And finally, the building is featured in the ending scene in which Larry invites his former teacher Mercedes Tainot (aka Julia Roberts) to his new apartment for some homemade French toast.  (If you’ll notice in the first screenshot pictured above, the apostrophe in the signage for Talia’s store is ostensibly missing.  Larry was right – Talia definitely should have stayed in school. Then perhaps she would not have made such an egregious error.  Winking smile It looks like I need to submit this one to When Write is Wrong, my good friend Owen’s typos and grammatical errors blog.)

P1020439 P1020409

P1020410 P1020411

As you can see above, Talia’s store (or should I say Talias store? Winking smile) was dressed heavily for the filming of Larry Crowne and does not look at all in person as it did onscreen.  The building was vacant during the time of the filming (and still is today), so producers were able to do with it what they wanted without having to disturb any operating businesses.

P1020413 P1020414

And although we are only given a brief view of the interior of the store through the front windows in the movie, I just had to snap some pics of it, nonetheless.

ScreenShot2720 ScreenShot2721

ScreenShot2722 ScreenShot2724

When I first watched Larry Crowne, I had assumed that the little courtyard area outside of Larry’s apartment had been a set due to the fact that it was so incredibly idyllic and picturesque.  But I am very happy to report that the courtyard is, in fact, real!

P1020416 P1020418

Sadly though, as you can see above, the stairwell that leads to the second floor, where Larry’s courtyard is located, is gated and not accessible to the public.  Boo!  If only I had known about this place back when it was available for rent, I totally would have scheduled a viewing! Winking smile

P1020435 P1020436

P1020422 P1020438

You can catch a minor glimpse of the courtyard if you venture across the street, though.  According to the Cazoodle Apartment listing that Mike found, the 530-square-foot, 1-bedroom, 1-bath unit where Larry supposedly lived at the end of Larry Crowne was being offered for lease back in August of last year at a rate of $895 per month.  And no, that was not a typo – the asking price was $895 per month for 530 square feet!  Welcome to California.  LOL

ScreenShot2696 ScreenShot2697

ScreenShot2698 ScreenShot2699

Pictured above are the photographs from that real estate listing and, as you can see, Larry’s apartment is pretty darn adorable.


In the movie, Larry’s address is noted as being 4225 Harbor #7.

Larry Crowne apartment building address number

And, as you can see above, producers even went so far as to change the address number plaque for the filming, so had the real estate listing not touted the apartment’s Larry Crowne connection, this would have been a very  tough find!  Nice work, Mike!

On a Larry Crowne side-note – Back in June of last year, fave website AltadenaBlog posted a fabulous story about the filming, which you can read here.  Apparently, during a break from the shoot, Tom Hanks wandered a few blocks up Lake Avenue to do some shopping at Webster’s Fine Stationers and not only posed for a picture with the owners, but also told them that he loved family-owned stationary stores.  So incredibly cool!  Especially since the GC and I had our own little run-in with Tom Hanks a few years back and let’s just say that he was less than friendly.  Ah, let’s call a spade a spade here – the guy was a complete and total jerk and for a long while after that the GC refused to see any of his movies!  But after reading the Webster’s Fine Stationers story on AltadenaBlog and after hearing how nice Tom was to Jose, the owner of Frank’s Restaurant where Larry Crowne filming also took place, it would seem that the actor has since changed his ways.  One can hope, at least!

Big THANK YOU to Mike, from MovieShotsLA, for finding this location!  Smile

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  Smile

Stalk It: The Larry Crowne apartment building is located at 906 Boston Street in Altadena.  Thalia’s store from the movie is located at 2104 North Lake Avenue in Altadena.



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  1. nickwilcock says:

    “….the adorable Gugu Mbatha-Raw”
    She is indeed! I was chatting with her recently when she was back in the UK filming her next movie “Belle”. Just the same unaffected and charming young lady she’s always been.
    A young lady who will go far!

  2. Jeff says:

    Any chance you could share your Tom Hanks encounter?

    • Lindsay says:

      Sure. 🙂 The GC and I had just finished watching a movie one afternoon and were riding on an escalator to leave the theatre. I was turned around talking to him and noticed that Tom Hanks was right behind him. I smiled and Tom immediately looked down. When we got off the escalator Tom headed to the concession stand and we waited off to the side. No one was around because it was early afternoon on a weekday. It was literally me, the GC, and Tom. After he got his popcorn, he walked towards us and I had my camera in my hand and said, “Mr. Hanks, “Toy Story” is one of my all-time favorite movies. Could I please get a picture with you?” And he said, “NO! You should have gotten it on the escalator!” I wish I could imitate for you the way he said it because he had such a nasty tone. I was shocked. My mouth was literally hanging open for a good few minutes. I was sad about the whole thing, but the GC was PEEVED. Vowed never to watch another Tom Hanks movie again and stuck to that for quite some time.

  3. Lavonna says:

    Also, did you go to the stationary store? I figured you would 🙂

  4. Lavonna says:

    love this post..going to have to watch the movie!

  5. Lisa says:

    I’ve been looking for this one for awhile. Thanks!

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