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Westfield Fashion Square Mall from “The Office”

Jan 10th, 2012 | By | Category: The Office Filming Locations


One location that my good friend, fellow stalker Lavonna, asked me to track down eons ago was the shopping center that was featured in the Season 3 episode of fave show The Office titled “Women’s Appreciation”.  Because the series is taped in Van Nuys, I figured that the mall was located somewhere in the San Fernando Valley, so whenever the Grim Cheaper and I found ourselves in a shopping center in that area, I would wander around looking for the large circular water fountain that Michael Scott (aka Steve Carell) had tried to climb into in order to retrieve a one-dollar bill.   Try as I might, though, I could not seem to find that fountain anywhere.  I had almost given up hope when, two weekends ago, the GC and I were doing a little shopping at the Westfield Fashion Square Mall in Sherman Oaks and I spotted a water fountain just outside of Macy’s department store.  I snapped a quick photo of it on my phone so that I could compare it to the fountain that had appeared in the episode once I got home.  Ironically, as it turned out, the fountain I had taken a picture of did not, in fact, match, but, thinking that there might be more than one located inside of the mall, I did a quick search of “fountains” and “Westfield Fashion Square Mall” on Google and, sure enough, a photo of the correct fountain popped up.  I am ashamed to admit that not only was The Office fountain located about ten feet away from the one that I had taken a picture of, but we had actually walked right by it while shopping that day and somehow did not notice.  Doh!  So this past weekend I dragged the GC right on back out there (much to his chagrin – he HATES malls) so that I could finally stalk it.


In the “Women’s Appreciation” episode of The Office, Michael Scott takes the women of Dunder Mifflin – Pam Beesly (aka Jenna Fischer), Phyllis Vance (aka Phyllis Smith), Meredith Palmer (aka Kate Flannery), Kelly Kapoor (aka Mindy Kaling), Angela Martin (aka Angela Kinsey), and Karen Filippelli (aka Rashida Jones) – shopping at the supposed Steamtown Mall in order to show them that they are “appreciated” by the men in the office.  And while the exterior of the actual The Mall at Steamtown in Scranton, Pennsylvania was used for the establishing shot of the shopping center in the episode, the interior of Westfield Fashion Square Mall was used for all of the actual filming.

ScreenShot2791 ScreenShot2792

ScreenShot2793 ScreenShot2794

Many areas of Westfield Fashion Square Mall were used in the episode, including the food court, where Michael and the ladies ate lunch and where Michael confessed that he wanted to break up with longtime girlfriend Jan Levenson (aka Melora Hardin).


In the scene, the gang sat just outside of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf café;


in the area pictured above.

ScreenShot2795 ScreenShot2797

ScreenShot2796 ScreenShot2799

After lunch, Michael announces (however inappropriately) that he would like to buy each of the women a present of their choosing at Victoria’s Secret.

P1020498 P1020499

Some filming did take place inside of the actual Victoria’s Secret store and I very much wanted to venture inside to snap a few pics, but shops tend to get very antsy about photographs for some reason, so I did not even attempt it.  Back in October, when I was stalking the Macy’s at the Burbank Town Center Mall, which appeared in the “Redemption” episode of The Mentalist, a store employee actually tried to confiscate my camera!  Not kidding.  Because I was taking pictures inside of a store – pictures of an area that had been immortalized on a hit TV show for all of the world to see, mind you – she told me she was going to call security and attempted to take my camera out of my hands!  Um, OK.  Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me.  If you do not want photographs to be taken of your store, fine, no problem, but then do not put said store on national television!  Sigh.  I just really do not get people sometimes, but I digress.  Winking smile

ScreenShot2800 ScreenShot2801

At the very end of the episode, Michael throws a coin into the mall’s fountain and makes a wish “for every woman in the world”.  Of his wishes, he says, “I wished for Jan to get over me.  I wished for Phyllis a plasma TV.  I wished for Pam to gain courage.  I wished for Angela a heart.  And for Kelly, a brain.”  LOL LOL LOL  Ah, Michael Scott, how we miss you!

P1020489 P1020493

P1020495 P1020497

And, let me tell you, seeing that fountain in person after so many hours of searching for it was the absolute highlight of the stalk for me!  Whoo hoo!

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  Smile

Stalk It: Westfield Fashion Square Mall, aka Steamtown Mall from the “Women’s Appreciation” episode of The Office, is located at 14006 Riverside Drive in Sherman Oaks.  The water fountain that Michael Scott tried to climb into can be found just outside of The Disney Store on the mall’s first level.  The Victoria’s Secret store where the women shopped in the episode is located just a few doors down from The Disney Store, also on the mall’s first level.  The Food Court, where the women ate lunch, is located on the mall’s second level.  The gang sat just outside of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf café and Stone Oven restaurant.



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  1. Indi says:

    Hi!!! I’ve never watched the Office, but I know CSI (don’t know which one) and Californication also filmed in there!! It’s also a celebrity hangout, I’ve seen Dave Grohl, one actress from Pretty Little Liars, and more in that mall, just hanging out,

  2. David Weeks says:

    SOOO sad. I have just recently fallen in love with The Office. I moved out of LA about four years ago and have recently a little experienced buyer’s remorse. I plowed through the first five seasons last week and decided to watch this episode when I saw it on TBS. As I was watching the mall scene I started thinking about the location they used for the mall scenes as I likely have been there before. Low and behold I stumbled upon this site. Shortly before I left LA in ’08, there was a filming at the coffee shop (CBTL) that I worked at in the mall that the shop was located in. You guessed it! I was actually at work remember that day now. We were the only people allowed in the mall other than cast and crew. What a strange thing to stumble upon. I wish I had watched The Office back then.

  3. lavonna says:

    SOOOOO Funny I miss Michael Scott! But we still have him in re-runs! Thanks for finding this location!

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