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Ali’s Trailer Park from “Burlesque”

Apr 28th, 2011 | By | Category: Movie Locations


While the Grim Cheaper and I were stalking in Downtown Piru this past Saturday, the super-nice owner of Poncho’s Place, the restaurant from True Blood that I blogged about on Tuesday, clued me into the fact that the supposed rural, Iowa-area trailer park where Ali (aka Christina Aguilera) lived in the beginning of Burlesque was located just two blocks north of where we were then standing.  And I really should mention here that while the owners of the Downtown Piru businesses that I spoke with were incredibly nice and informative, the citizens of the town were NOT.  In fact, some of them were downright menacing.  Not only were we given numerous dirty looks by passersby while walking around, but we were also FOLLOWED by (count ‘em!) FOUR different cars while there (NOT kidding), the drivers of which all wanting to know exactly what it was we were doing in their town.  I felt extremely uncomfortable the entire time and, while I am admittedly a scaredy cat, the GC also got a bit nervous so my fears were definitely not unfounded.  So, while I would highly recommend stalking Downtown Piru and the few restaurants and shops located there, I would advise anyone wanting to drive around the town to exercise caution.   Anyway, once I found out about the trailer park, the GC and I immediately headed right on over there.

Highway-126-Stalking-(78-of-248) Highway-126-Stalking-(80-of-248)

In real life, the Burlesque trailer park is extremely small and is only made up of nine or so homes.  And I am very happy to report that it looks EXACTLY the same in person as it did onscreen.

ScreenCap1619 ScreenCap1621

The park makes a very brief appearance in Burlesque in the opening “Something’s Got A Hold On Me” montage in which Ali is shown packing up her belongings before heading out to the local bus depot to buy a ticket to Los Angeles.  In the scene the camera is facing west, the opposite direction from which we took our pictures.

ScreenCap1615 ScreenCap1616

According to the DVD commentary with Burlesque writer/director Steve Antin, the interior of Ali’s trailer was actually just a set that was built on a soundstage at Sony Studios in Culver City.  I cannot believe that they actually built an entire set for a segment that literally lasted about ten seconds onscreen!  Ah, Hollywood!


On a side note – I had the amazing good fortune of meeting the love of my life, Matt Lanter, yesterday and I am very happy to report that he could NOT have been nicer!  I will write more about it in a later post, but suffice it to say that he and David Caruso are easily the nicest celebs that I have EVER encountered!  As I told fellow stalker Owen, I am officially in love.  Winking smile  Which explains why today’s post is so short – I was literally so excited I could NOT sit still long enough to write much!  I promise to write more tomorrow, though.


Until next time, Happy Stalking!  Smile

Burlesque trailer park

Stalk It: The Burlesque trailer park is located on Warring Canyon Road, a half a block north of where Warring Canyon Road meets Center Street, in Piru.  The park is denoted with a pink arrow in the above aerial view.  Please remember that the trailer park is a private community and do not trespass on the premises.



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  1. alfonso aguilar says:

    hello there my friend. i am so sorry you had a bad experience in piru just want to correct you for making that coment about piru. i have lived here in this little town for almost all my life . over 35 years. but we are thee nicest people you will ever meet , we have alot off people come take pictures of our town so we are always just curius of what movie star is coming next is all they were probably gonna ask you who is next. also the ice cream shop next to ponchos place was used for numerous movies also. like for example , jennifer lopez im real video. and a few more but just wanted to coment on our town thanks,,,, alfonso

  2. Owen says:

    I feel bad for the Grim Cheaper, but best wishes to you and Mr. Lanter. I’m glad to hear he’s a great guy. I take it, then, that he was not in one of the four cars following you in Piru. So weird. Relax, people!

  3. I love your interesting posts.I follow you ’cause It’s better than gossip. It’s addicting.

  4. Melissa says:

    Uhh I soo lucky to meet Matt,..He’s sooo hot~~~Wish I could come visit in November.

  5. Lavonna says:

    LUCKY!!! Plan some great “stalking” trips for our November visit.

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