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Shakey’s Pizza Parlor from “License to Drive”

Feb 4th, 2014 | By | Category: Movie Locations

Shakey's License to Drive (5 of 10)

After reading my January 13th post about Mercedes’ friend’s house from fave movie License to Drive, fellow stalker Chas, of the It’s Filmed There blog, texted to let me know that he had managed to track down the Shakey’s Pizza Parlor from the 1988 flick.  As fate would have it, the storefront next door to Shakey’s had appeared in 1976’s The Bad News Bears, a movie Chas had covered on his site.  The bad news (pun intended) was that the shopping center where it was once located is no longer standing.  The structure was torn down sometime in the ‘90s and a new center subsequently built in its place.  Because I had been itching to find it for so long, though, I figured it was still blog-worthy.

The location pops up once in License to Drive, in the scene in which Les Anderson (Corey Haim) accidentally drives off of an embankment before crash-landing in front of a random Shakey’s Pizza Parlor.



A sporting goods store was visible in the background of the scene and it was that shop that Chas recognized from The Bad News Bears.  As you can see below, the sign, logo and roofline of the store from The Bad News Bears (second screen capture below) are an exact match to those of the storefront that appeared next door to Shakey’s in License to Drive (first screen capture below).



  You can even make out the word “parlor” on the building next door to the sporting goods shop in The Bad News Bears scene.


While watching The Bad News Bears, Chas had spotted an address number of “19321” on the space next door to the sporting goods store.  A quick Google search showed him that there was only shopping plaza in Los Angeles with shops boasting address numbers in 19300 range – The Village in Reseda.  When he looked at aerial images of The Village, though, he realized that it was most-definitely not the same spot that had been featured in The Bad News Bears.


Enter the Historic Aerials website, from which we learned that there was once a different shopping center located on the property, one which had been demolished and rebuilt sometime prior to 2003.  In the 1980 aerial view pictured below, Shakey’s former location is denoted with a pink arrow.  Today, that area is partially comprised of a Chase bank and The Village’s parking lot


A current aerial view of The Village is pictured below with the former Shakey’s location denoted with a pink “X.”


According to this Valley News article, the groundbreaking ceremony for the Reseda Shakey’s took place in December 1964.  Because the shopping center where it formerly stood was torn down sometime between 1988 and 2003, I am guessing that the demolition occurred due to damage resulting from the 1994 Northridge Earthquake.  That is just a guess, though.

Shakey's License to Drive (8 of 10)

Shakey's License to Drive (7 of 10)

Sick Sam’s Rent-a-Car, which played a role in the movie’s original ending, but is only visible briefly in the background of the final cut, has also since been torn down.


Its former location is denoted with a pink circle below.


Today, a large apartment building stands in that spot.

Shakey's License to Drive (1 of 10)

On a License to Drive side-note – I’ve been searching for photographs of the Cabriolet I drove as a teenager ever since I wrote my post about the License to Drive hospital.  As I mentioned in the post, even though I was a mere 11 years old at the time, as soon as I first laid eyes on the white VW convertible Mercedes Lane (Heather Graham) drove at the end of the movie, I became completely obsessed with it.  I made it known that it was the only car I wanted to drive upon turning 16 and my amazing parents gifted me one on my 16th birthday!  I finally found photographs of it yesterday.  That’s me (big hair, don’t care!) with one of my best friends Natalie just a few days after I received it.  Seriously, Best. Car. Ever.



It should come as no surprise that my fellow celeb-obsessed friend Miss Pinky Lovejoy, of the Thinking Pink blog, also drove a white VW Cabriolet in her teens, for the very same reason I did.  I couldn’t believe it when I found out!  We are so kindred spirits!


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Big THANK YOU to Chas, from It’s Filmed There, for finding this location!  Smile

Shakey's License to Drive (9 of 10)

Until next time, Happy Stalking!  Smile

Stalk It: Shakey’s Pizza Parlor from License to Drive was formerly located at 19341 Saticoy Street in Reseda.  It was torn down and no part of the structure currently remains.



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  1. 80s Kid says:

    Fun factoid: I was really really young then born in ’77. We were going to Dale’s Jr. Market (previous to Lucky’s buying/replacing it) and there were safety cones all around the lot and lots of bright lights setup on the Shakey’s corner end of the lot.

    We pulled up in our ’71 Mustang (still in the family!) and my dad asked what they were filming. He was an AS400 Operator for Columbia Pictures (or was by the time KK I was released) and we were informed they had closed that portion of the lot for filming “License to Drive” I never really saw the movie, just clips, but I had a deep-rooted fear of my License test including a cone-avoidance portion!

    My “Website” links to an old clipping for when the center was still being built “Park 100 cars. i* i Lindley . Sherman Way Reseda. N o w building. Ideal for liquor store, auto Tenants include Dales Jr. Market Winchell’s Donuts” and suggests it would be “Suitable for bakery, pizza parlor, etc.” My mom’s friend ended up owning a Beauty Supply store there, “Active shopping center in 7 Minutes to Burbank …for medical, dental, offices, retail or beauty shop with 10 car parking in rear.”

    • 80s Kid says:

      On that note, here’s the trailer to the movie! 🙂

      The parking lot set up was probably for the stunt driving.

      We used to go on field trips from Melvin Ave. Elementary School to Shakey’s. You’d do the whole tour of the place and make your own personally-personalized personal pizza for lunch.

      I have a Shakey’s 5 minutes away from my house now, I went once and was disappointed. I can’t cheat on my 80s memories.

  2. Leo says:

    What’s funny is that this is literally across the street (Saticoy east of Tampa Ave) from the original Karate Kid apartment, the South Seas complex and subsequent field where he was chased down by the Cobra Kai in their skeleton costumes.

  3. lavonna says:

    We used to go to Shakey’s Pizza! LOVE the old should post more. Big Hair..Don’t it!

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